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Customer complains are often tip of an ice berg. Watch what have really frustrated your customers to gain insight about the problem.

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Easy installation

Works out of the box with every platforms

Easy installation. Be a Shopify, Wix website or advanced Javascript and SPAs such as Angular, Ember or React, Reactflow works out of the box in seconds when you install one line of the code into your website. It comes with integration apps and plugins for easy installation for popular platforms such as Shopify and Wordpress.
Reactflow can record your website properly even if your website is using latest technologies such as Shadow DOM.

Console bugs

Console logging

Every console message will be displayed in accordance with user activity. Clicking on each message will jump to time index when the message generated on the user browser.

Masking technology

Privacy respected

You can blacklist or whitelist elements recordings. Tracking visitors anonymously, you do not have to worry about GDPR as Reactflow mask all texts and keystrokes by default out of the box, best yet, It does not distort template in recordings.

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Custom Tagging

Tag your customers by their plans, user ID or name to find videos from them easily. Unlimited tags can be assigned for each visitor manually or via your application codes.

Flexible filters for recordings

Flexible Filters

Find the exact video you are looking for with filters that are capable of mixing advanced parameters.

Bug notification and logging

Nothing can block your sales more than bugs and hiccups. Reactflow helps you to solve them by extracting Javascript Stacktrace, Network and 404 errors from recordings and list them for you to watch exactly what they did which lead to error.

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Watch your prospects turn into customers. Literally.

Study your visitors behaviour pattern. Session replay is the most powerful tool for marketers, designers, product managers and developers. Uncover errors and see why your users are getting frustrated and leave. Watch what is blocking or distracting your customers, Pivot and repeat the analysis.

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User profile detail

Full context of visitors

See how they find your website, which pages they saw, how long they stay on your website. and of course watch what they did in each page.

Bug stacktrace

Know where to fix via stack trace

We not only show you why an error happened, but we also show you exactly which line and function need to get fixed.

Page speed

Monitor page load speed

Visitors will leave your website if your website is loading slow. See how fast your web page is opening for each visitor and where is the culprit.

Team members

Add your team members

Let your developers, company's marketers, designers all have access to data collected. Set permission for each user and solve all the issues with all your team members onboard.

Share recordings with anyone

Share recordings with anyone instantly

Invite your team members to have access to all recordings, or share individual recordings with anyone instantly.

Leave notes and comments

Leave comments on recordings

Got something to say about a specified user action to your team members? You may leave notes on any specific moment of the recording.

404 error tracker

Get notified of errors before customers start to complain

Get aware of 404 errors, Network errors, JavaScript errors, Console messages as soon as they happen. Do not wait for your customers to report them to you. If you are lucky, 1 out of 100 users might report issues they see back to you, rest will just leave your website.

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Widget screenshot

Screenshot of issues

Your visitors do not need any additional tools to take a screenshot of faulty features on your website.

Hear them out. Let them explain the 'why'.

Nothing can express a user voice better than their own words. Encourage visitors to leave feedbacks to you by using Survey, poll and feedback collection widgets we offer. Collect lead detail to enhance your marketing.

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