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Hear them out. Let them explain the 'why'.

Nothing can express a user voice better than their own words. Encourage visitors to leave feedbacks to you by using Survey, poll and feedback collection widgets we offer. Collect lead detail to enhance your marketing.


Ask the right question at the right time

Show an overlay based on users' behavior and encourage them to answer your questions.

Page rule

Flexible Page Rules

Ensure widgets show up only on pages you want them to show. Customization has never been this easy before.

Display rules

Powerful display rule based on visitors behaviour

Timing is very important. If you ask your visitors' opinion about a page when they haven't even scroll down, they are most likely not to give an accurate answer.

Customize the widgets

Customize the widgets with ease

Ensure fonts, colors and position of widgets are matching your website template with just a few clicks.

Drag and drop question creator

Drag and Drop form builder

Generate your polls and surveys via Net promoter score, Checkboxes, long and short text boxes. They are just a click away.

Share survey

Direct link to your surveys

Share survey links directly to users to ask their opinion off-site.

Export leads

Export your leads to CSV

Exported leads data can be used for email marketing via marketing platforms such as MailChimp, or just for your archive.

Widget answers

Compile and analyze answers

View all answers in a single view, demonstrated via pie and bar charts.

Widget leads

Collect leads

Reveal the identity of each visitor and use it to target them in the future to convert them into customers.

Widget Feedback

Collect Feedbacks

Ask direct feedback from visitors and let them notify you if something is not working properly.

Widget screenshot

Screenshot of issues

Your visitors do not need any additional tools to take a screenshot of faulty features on your website.

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