Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Reactflow. ("Reactflow", "we" or "us"). This privacy policy describes how we use, collect, process and disclose your personal information. It describes how we process personal information that we collect when you use Reactflow or websites that use Reactflow service.

What is personal information to us?

Personal information consists of your IP address, browser user agent, pages that you visit, account authentication that you use to login to your account and register an account with us such as your email address.

How we use your personal information collected via our website?

If you are a user of Reactflow or visit our website at and use services that we offer, we collect your email address and websites that you own via forms that you enter via them (such as login form, site registration,...). Furthermore, we use Hitsteps web analytics to gather real-time visitor information which will be used if you open a ticket with us and it will provide us with information about your pageviews in Reactflow and help us to assist you better.

Your account email address will be used by us to send you emails regarding your service with us such as over usage of a plan, payment receipt and additionally you can opt-in for product updates when you are registering an account with us.

Password you provide to us when login or registering, will be hashed with random salts which make it impossible to recover original password from our database.

Nor we and neither our web analytics partners, capture any kind of IP address from you for analytics purposes. Hitsteps collect anonymized IP address for analytics and we collect IP address through web server access and error logs which will be discarded after 7 days. This access and error log will not be processed by any analytics software and it is solely used to provide security for our servers.

Personal data collection from service that we offer

Reactflow record visitors activity and enable playback in a fully anonymized way. We do not track the IP address and we do not bind users to any profile. We receive IP address as part of default TCP/IP functionality and we process this IP address to detect country and estimated location of visitors, then we disregard the IP address in our analytics. We do not create a profile of the user, therefore, we would not be able to provide a history of visits by the same user. Each session is an individual anonymous session. Furthermore, data that we record will be anonymized before they even reach our servers. Texts and typed inputs on a web page will be masked by placeholder characters before transmitting to our server. Website owners who use our service can whitelist specific elements on their website where texts transmitted in ClearType. We advise all of our customers to avoid collecting any ClearType texts and our software block as much as possible as we provide various checks to ensure no password or sensitive elements will be transferred, and website owners who whitelist an element, they do so after accepting the fact that they must receive consent from their visitors. Website owners response to consent will be recorded and verified by binding to a mobile phone number.

How we use Cookies, sessionStorage and localStorage?

Cookies, sessionStorage and localStorages are technologies that allow store piece of information on user browser to be accessible within next pageviews. This is necessary to keep customers logged in and avoid login status to be lost from page to page. We use these technologies to store how many times a visitor comes to our website or our customer's websites. Furthermore, we use these technologies to ensure the accuracy and performance of our website and our customer website by caching results of the previous page and providing a cache for the next page so that the browser does not have to recalculate everything from scratch. We use this technology to keep our users logged in to their accounts as well. You or your visitors might block or disable these technologies which might reduce performance (as in term of speed) of our services.

To whom we disclose personal information

We do not sell, lease or exchange any part of our and your customer information to any third parties. However, as part of our service, we provide your visitors with collected information to you and/or people you have invited into your Reactflow organization account to have access to the website under your account. For functionality purposes, our service providers such as Amazon Web Services, ElasticEmail and SendGrid might receive this information as they store, hold or provide services to us. We use Hitsteps web analytics which they will receive non-sensitive information about our customers. If Reactflow gets acquired, our user base and data we own from our services are considered one of the Reactflow assets which will be transferred to the new owner. If we receive a court order or request from legal law enforcement or government agencies, we will comply with data that we may have available for them. However, as mentioned previously, we do not bind analytics data to any specific profiles and therefore, there is no way to provide the history of a specific user or visitor to anyone.

How to opt-out?

When you are registering for Reactflow, you have the option to opt-in for both deeper level of analytics and receiving newsletter from us. If you opted-in and now wish to opt-out, you can do so by modifying your account setting by logging to your account and going to the account page. If you are a member, we will be able to opt you out if you send an email to us at [email protected] as well.

If you wish to opt-out from Reactflow tracking you in all of our customer's websites (globally), you can opt-out using the form below.

Are Reactflow scripts copyrighted?

Yes. Our scripts are copyrighted and unauthorized usage, copying, duplication or modification of our codes will be reported to authorities. Our software use Open source projects where necessary as mentioned in our licenses notice page.