Works out of the box on all platforms.

All it takes is one line of code to be installed. Loaded over CDN for enhanced performance.

Easy installation

Easy Installation

Reactflow provide recorder script over CDN, which all you need to do is to include this script on your website header.


WordPress easy integration

Get Reactflow up and running on WordPress website in just few clicks. Reactflow WordPress plugin provide easy integration.

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SPAs and all frameworks supported

You do not need any special module to get Reactflow running on any JavaScript framework. Just include our tracking code on head of your website template and Reactflow will start recording your website visitors, no matter how complex is your application. All features such as Recordings, Heatmaps and Funnels are SPA ready.


Shopify easy integration

Get Reactflow up and running on Shopify website in just few clicks. Reactflow Shopify plugin provide easy integration.

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Maximum performance

Reactflow does not slow down your website loading speed, it utilize layered script loading over CDN. It load a small script and full script will be loaded after your website is fully loaded for your visitors.

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