Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes. You can downgrade or upgrade at any time. Upon downgrade, your new plan will come into effect after the end of the previous plan billing cycle. When you upgrade, the pro-rata cost of the previous plan will be deducted from the new plan and the new plan will kick in instantly.
What is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel your plan at any time and your plan will downgrade to free plan at the end of a billing cycle. There is no commitment and there is no contract. We do provide 30 days money-back guarantee if you are a member who his first purchase is within 30 days.
Do I need a new plan for each website?
We generate a tracking code for each website you add to Reactflow. Plans are attached to these websites. You can install this tracking code on all subdomains or related domains of your website. If you wish to add a new website, you will need to assign a new plan for a new website. We recommend you to install the same tracking code for subdomains of your website.
Does Reactflow respect GDPR?
We do respect customers and your visitors' privacy and Reactflow has been developed to be GDPR ready since the beginning of development.
Can I store recordings for longer than 1 year?
One of the GDPR requirements is to have a limited data retention date. We are not allowed to offer longer than 1 year of recording data storage.
Will this slow down my website?
It does not. The time it takes to load the core script is just a few milliseconds. Reactflow load recorder script via CDN and in layers to ensures your website fully load first. Furthermore, we record page load speed for every single visitor to include it in their recordings.
Should I buy plans according to my website daily page views?
It is recommended if you want to analyze 100% of your visitors but it is not forced. If the plan you purchase covers lower pageviews than your actual website daily pageviews, we will sample your visitors and track a lower percentage of your daily visitors during the day. As a result, not all visitors recordings will be available, Some error tracking bugs could be missed and heatmaps take longer to get completed.
How many websites I can have under my account?
As many as you want. We encourage our users to create an account and add their websites and their clients' websites under their account. You can then add new users for each website organization so that multiple users can access the same website data. If you purchase a plan under your account for more than 2 websites, we will give you a 15% discount for the 3rd website onwards.
What will happen If I exceed my plan pageviews limit?
We will calculate your actual website visitors and then adjust our tracking code to sample a limit percentage of your visitors based on your purchased plan, so recording can continue during the day but not all visitors will get recorded.
Do you provide a discount for yearly purchases?
We provide a 15% discount for yearly plans. When you are purchasing a plan, you will be presented with an option to enjoy a 15% discount if you purchase yearly. You will be able to download an invoice for each payments you issue to us.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and debit cards. PayPal support is available per request.
How secure is Reactflow?
We store your tracking data with the highest security even before transmission to our servers. We mask your visitors' data in recordings to respect their privacy. Your data is only accessible by yourself. Your credit card details are not stored with us, instead, we generate and store a payment token.
Do you provide a discount for charities and non-profits?
Yes, we often give a free plan to charity and non-profits. Please install Reactflow and then contact us, so we analyze your website estimated pageviews and provide up to 100% based on the type of your charity and pageviews you are receiving. Discount will be provided after analyzing your pageviews to determine how much resources we require to compile your analytics data.
If I add a website, Am I only one who is responsible for buying plans for the website?
No. You can invite users as an administrator to an organization that you added the website into so that they can purchase their plans. If another account purchases a plan, you won't be able to cancel or upgrade it unless they cancel next for the billing cycle first.
Can I give limited access to some of my team/clients?
Yes. You can share your website data in two ways. You can share each recording, heatmap, funnel or bug individually by using the Share button and sending share unique links to your contact. Or you can add them under your organization as a normal or limited user so they can see all the reports.
How Reactflow is different from other similar services?
We do not record visitors up to your plan limit and then cut off all the recordings. If we detect higher pageviews than your plan limit, we sample your data instead and keep on recording for the entire day. Furthermore, Reactflow integrates deeply with browser and has been developed and maintained by monitoring the latest technologies in W3C and WHATWG which allow us to provide analysis and recordings with the highest accuracy and provide extra data sources which are missing from most other services. The use of these technologies allows us to draw a better picture of your visitors' activity on your website and expose visual and logical issues they are facing on your website.
What are features offered in each plan and what are exact differences between plans?
Free Pro Business
Process daily pageviews 2k 5k 20k or above
Team users Unlimtied Unlimtied Unlimtied
Heatmaps, Widgets and Funnels 3 Each Unlimited Unlimited
Pixel-perfect recordings 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Recordings storage 30 Days 90 Days 360 Days
Monthly Price $0 $19.99/mo From $69.99/mo
Yearly Price (15% off) $0 $16.99/mo From $59.49/mo

Extra services:
Location Intelligence
Survey & feedbacks answers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Javascript Error Tracker Basic
Network Error Tracker Basic
Console Messages Tracker Basic
404 Error Tracker
New Bug Notification
My question is not answered here. How do I contact you?
We are always ready to help. You can contact us via Email, chat or phone as provided on our contact page.

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