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Playback recordings from your website users activity. Dynamic Heatmaps, Funnels, Error Logs, Feedbacks.

You need to know what you don't know.

What you do not know can hurt your business. Are your visitors distracted by unnecessary buttons? Are important buttons even being noticed? Are they working as they should? Why they are abandoning half way? We all have been there.

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A Player for your users activity

Session replay is the most powerful tool for marketers, designers and developers. Every shop and factories have a CCTV to ensure operation are going smoothly. Don't neglect it for your website. Uncover errors and see why your users are getting frustrated and leave. Watch a sample.

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Bugs Notification

Perhaps you are not aware of some issues in your website. Reactflow extract Stacktrace of Javascript, Network and 404 errors from recordings and list them for you to watch exactly what they did which lead to error. Watch a bug caught in action!

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Dynamic Heatmaps

Visualize every element clicks, hovers and scrolls. Analysis of elements based on attention your users give to them. Is your important buttons being ignored? Are people distracted by non-critical buttons? Know what is working and what need to be changed.

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Funnel Analysis

There are many links and buttons in your website. Your visitors can follow many paths. But only few paths will lead to your profit. Create funnel paths, and watch why your visitors are dropping off from each the path. Optimize, Watch, Repeat!

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