Ethically tracking to provide heatmap, A/B testing and Feedback tools.

Record & Playback your website visitors browsing session like a video.


Beta feature currently available for beta testing:
1. Team members invitation.
2. Producing Javascript snippet over CDN.
3. Recording of website visitors.
4. Playback of website visitors.
5. Website bug tracker. (Partially developed)
6. Analytics of website visitors. (Under development)
7. Click heatmaps. (Under development)
8. Feedback and survey widgets (Alpha testing)
9. A/B Testing (Planned under post-beta roadmap)


Currently there is no pricing structure during the beta. cost estimation will be done using beta customers resource usage in near future.

Feedbacks and contact

To get in touch with us or to report any issues found during your beta testing, please email to [email protected]

Early Beta Access

Currently Reactflow is giving free account to all of our beta testers. Beta tester's account will have unlimited access to all features as long as Reactflow is still under beta. Register for your beta account

Product Updates